Sacred Crusades

What are Sacred Crusades?

According to Webster's:
Sacred: Devoted exclusively to a certain end.
Crusade: Any remedial enterprise undertaken with zeal and enthusiasm.

For me, a Sacred Crusade is me against a company. One thing that really gets my blood boiling is when a large (or small for that matter) company tries to put the screws to me.

When I'm victimized by a company, the computer and I go to work churning out letter after letter to anyone I think may help. I do it "with zeal and enthusiasm".

A few companies that have discovered the errors in their ways
(at least as far as my accounts):

Miscellaneous companies:
First USAŽ Bank N.A.
America Online
Acadia Windows and Doors in Baltimore
Bits and Pieces mail order in Wisconsin
Connecticut Valley Arms in Georgia

Atlas Peripherals a.k.a Newcom, Inc. - Modems
Maxtor - Hard drives
Verbatim - Magnetic media, floppy disks
Imation - Magnetic media, floppy disks
Hi-Value - Multimedia kits, CD-ROM

I will try and add some links for helping you fight your own crusades in the near future. Stay tuned......

[My thoughts on class action lawsuits]

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