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My brother actually suffered the full DT treatment recently - his name is Steve and he is really good laugh.

He came to stay and for once was really annoying me. However Matt and James took care of him for me. I came back from the shops and thought that things were pretty quiet. I went up to my room and before I got there thought that I could hear a strange muffled sound coming from my room. You can imagine the rest...

Seated very carefully in a chair was my brother - securely taped up so that he could not move, walk or talk. It was pretty impressive to say the least. Matt had ensured that his mouth had been very generously taped up and that I think was the best bit for me, although his lack of mobility was pretty impressive too!

I left him there for a bit and toyed about releasing him. After I had removed the gag there was a torrent of abuse so there was only one thing left to - reapply the gag for a bit longer!! I too used a generous amount of tape in doing this!

This might seem a bit harsh but it seemed the obvious thing to do - tell me that you would have gone for the "re-gagging" option too!! After all it is my brother.

My Dad phoned while all this was going on and I didn't have the heart to tell him the predicament that his youngest son was in - however I have a feeling that he would have applauded the prank wholeheartedly!!

We eventually freed Steve and he was fine for the rest of the weekend - although he seemed to keep a wide berth away from Matt and James -can't think why!!


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