Experiences with First USA ® Bank (FU Bank)

From E.S. - We had the same problems with FU bank. Please tell us Is there a Class Action Suit in process and if so, how can we join? Thanks. E.S.

And later:

Surfing the Web I found a page on Scam by First USA and others. If You wish here are 2 addresses:
Law office of Phil Goldsmith
222 SW Coumbia St. #l450
Portland, OR 9720l
503/ 224-230l
Knoll Lowney, Smith & Lowney
23l7 E. John St.
Seattle, WA 98ll2

I am writing to both and will let You know.

[My thoughts on class action lawsuits]

From J.H. - I'm having trouble with them as well. Arrogant, and no consideration for client service. I'm on it.

From D.M. - I ran across your website while searching for a solution to my ongoing problems with First USA Bank. I was heartened to discover that I am not the only person having difficulties with this outfit.

I originally got my Visa card through Bank One and had no problem whatsoever until First USA got into the picture. On July 30th (about 12 days before the payment due date) I sent in my check with my account number on it for the full balance of app. $300. At the end of August I received my statement with a $35 late fee for non-payment. Needless to say, I was puzzled, made some calls, and found that my check had cleared my account 4 days before the payment due date, but my account had not been credited with this payment. Not upset - figured just one of those mistakes that is easily corrected. Boy, was I wrong. I won't bore you with all the nitty gritty details. I cannot tell you how many phone calls and letters I have written about this - have sent the canceled check copy three times. Here I am - two months later, with still no written confirmation that they have credited my account, although by phone they indicate they have.

I am canceling this account as soon as I get written confirmation that this payment has been credited. I already have a new Visa account set up with another bank.

This outfit is scary. I cannot determine if they are incompetent or dishonest. I suspect some of both.

From R.M. - You're an inspiration. A couple of months ago, I had a very similar problem with the late fee of some $29.95 or so. The payment was sent at least 10 days ahead of it's due date. I got the fee canceled over the phone, but I will probably cancel the account based on your experiences. Thanks for being a consumer advocate and sharing the info with the rest of us!

From A.A. - Okay! I have dealt with this credit card bank in the past, but due to financial necessity (i.e., Christmas for my grandchildren), I accepted a credit card offer from them offering 2.3% interest as LONG AS I KEPT MY PAYMENT UP TO DATE.

Every month around the time their statement was due, I actually molested the poor mailman in order to grab the bill and pay it right away. However, my interest rate magically rose anyway.

Last month, they didn't bother to send me a bill (what a surprise...), and today I received a letter telling me that my credit line has been substantially lowered because:
1) one or more payments was late within the past six months.
2) my payment history, and/or 3) the amount of debt with other creditors.

Only one of the above was true BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T SEND ME A BILL.


I tried to send a copy of this message to Mr.. Dick Vague of the bank in Wilmington, DE, but his email address is not on the internet. Again -- SURPRISE!!

Anyway, I would like to thank all who have written about this FU bank. In your correspondence, I have at least gotten the name of the CEO of this stupid institution (as in mental...). Please share this message as appropriate. And please contact me if, together, we can do something about the practices of this "bank".

Thank you.

Obviously not affiliated in any way with First USA® Bank - I'm not even a customer anymore as far as I'm concerned.
First USA is a registered trademark of First USA Bank N.A.
The Bank from Hell is probably registered by them also.