April 11, 1998

Clerk of the Court
Circuit Court for the Third Judicial Circuit
Madison County Courthouse
Edwardsville, Illinois 62025

Re: File Penrod, et al. v. Southwestern Bell Mobile Systems, Inc. 
    et al., Case 96-L-132

Dear Sir or Madam:

My objections to the proposed settlement are as follows:

1. The credit voucher the company is giving requires the class action 
members to purchase additional services or products from the company 
in order to use it. In effect they are giving a discount on purchases. 
This is the same thing as having a sale.

Companies usually have sales to generate more business. The increased 
business generated offsets any discount given during the sale.

2. The company will still be practicing the "rounding up" of times 
billed. They will just start disclosing the practice.

So in effect, the only winners in this whole action are Southwestern 
Bell Mobile Systems who will get additional revenue from having the 
forced "sale", and the lawyers who got the "reasonable fees and 

What amazes me is that the people involved in this action can keep a 
straight face.


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